Thursday, 16 January 2014

National Organisation of Women and racism.

The website for "National Organisation for Women" has been taking action since 1966. But they had been dealing with racism which is the same length as the rest of the issues that this particular website debates.  The meaning of the website is to allow the audience to read particular racism stories and how that racism can affect everyday life, they may of done this for many reasons but one reason they may have is to advertise racism so it will persuade the audience to join the petition to fight against racism in America. Racism is not something anyone can prevent or stop but this website can be like a place for people to come together to help stop racism in North America. 

Now the reason I chose to analyse this website was because of the statements that are made by the different races. It shows how different the times are considering what American’s were like with the black people back in the 18th century. Although times with the black people have changed they haven’t completely changed and the statements are from some important people there is a women who talks about the media stories and how they shine a bad light on coloured people? How can racism stop if media continues to assume they are criminals or thugs when in fact they could just be a nice person in a really dodgy area.

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  1. Try to write less colloquially /conversationally Harley - dodgy? Nice? Why not quote from the site instead?