Thursday, 30 January 2014


This particular website here is a pro Hispanic/Latino for the most obvious reasons being it is a website about the Hispanics heritage month that is held every year in the US. The nation Hispanic heritage month is so the citizens of America to be able to recognize the Hispanic and Latino culture. It happens for thirty days as it was expanded in the year 1988 just so it would cover a thirty day period. But in 1988 it was then acted into the law approved by the Public law of the united states.  The reason for it starting in September was so Hispanic and Latinos had a chance to celebrate the independence of there countries in 1821.

The anti Hispanic/Latino site I chose is this because the fact is discusses the racism that is used against them and shows the stereotypes of the Hispanics/Latinos, whether that be stereotypes be in movies or kids programmes. These percific kinds of people are never shown to be in the best of light.  There are a lot of stereotypes that are shown there is the male buffoon who is very childish and very baboon like or  the harlot who is lustful and a slave to her passion. These are two of the very types that the Latino and Hispanics both get categorized into because of the media today. Hispanics and Latinos are shown in such a bad light because of the media, they have been portrayed into a unbroken image and this stereotype began with the battle to take over Mexico.

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