Tuesday, 28 January 2014

For & Against Hispanic Immigration




NCLA- National Council of La Raza, founded in 1968 (two years after the 1965 Immigration Law)
The term 'La Raza' is spanish for 'Community' - implying they treat the Hispanic people as a close community, but also links to the idea of America depserately wanting Americans to have a sense of community, which they find so hard to achieve due to the sheer size of the country and that there are many minorities. They support Hispanic Americans in optimising their opportunities, this organisation work as a support for the people against the opposition. Interestingly, it has state and regional offices in  Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Phoenix, and San Antonio. These are all typical places which Hispanic people mostly live, linking to Huntington's point of the lack of dispersion of immigrants in America. This is proof, despite wanting rights for Hispanic Immigrants, they feel they have to disperse to only these specific areas as these are the 'comfort zones' for Hispanic people.

This particular quoation indicates that Hispanic's believe, depsite being immigrants, they are just as much a part of the American Identity and believe they should have a share in the 'American Dream'. Proving, they should have equal rights to being an American jsut as much as any other culture in the US. 'Our mission is to create opportunities and open the door to the American Dream for Latino and other families.'

NCLA state they help many Hispanic and Latino families educate their children and buy their first homes, implying that they are a minority within America, fighting for power, despite the factual figures in percentage of Hispanics in comparison to the rest of the American population. They work towards providing the equal rights Hispanic's should have that White Americans already have.



AIC- Americans for Immigration Control, Inc. An organisation founded in 1983, many years after the 1965 Immigration Law. When comparing the two websites they were founded at very different times, indicatiing when there may have been a distinctive rise in immigraiton, therefore causing upraw with Americans (preferrably White Americans), which can be shown in the graph below posted on this website. NCLA claim they to be deserving of a part in the 'American Dream', whereas in this website they catagorise the Mexicans to be only be entering America illegally calling them 'illegal aliens'. This organisation calls Mexican immigrants 'aliens' because they want one specific culture occupying America and its identity, idealy British.

This term is repeated voilently throughout this websites objectives, showing their anger against Mexicans as they also accuse them of being terrorists and drug smugglers, this being due to the heavy drug crime in Mexico. This may explain why there are negative stereotypes of Mexicans, hence why there may be aggrovation from existing Americans to Mexican/Hispanic immigration.

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