Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Pro and against hispanic immigration

The first website I have chosen to talk about is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). This website is an anti illegal immigration website set up by activists or 'concerned citizens' who share a common belief that Americas immigration policies must be changed and illegal immigration should stop. FAIR seeks to improve boarder security and with over 250,000 members nationwide it has often been called upon to testify on immigration bills before congress. This shows that this organisation is a very active one that is seeking results and change. Something i noticed about the website is that their key slogan, 'A policy that serves the interests of the American people' is all over the website.
This website gives the audience and citizens of America facts about immigration as well as current immigration issues and the press. For example; under the title of Immigration Facts, we can hover over a map of the USA and find out (e.g.) that the state of California has a population of 38 million and of that over 10 million (27%) is foreign born. FAIR believe that in the state of California there are over 2 million people living there illegally. The website also discuses issues within America relating to immigration and talks about national security, labour and economics and the environment among other topics. FAIR has local groups within each state and members can join up and become part of the riots and you can also find your local members of congress' email and phone numbers through the website so you can voice your opinion with them.

The second website I have chosen is a branch off a website called the American Civil Liberties Union. The website link I have put in this blog is for the ACLU immigrants' rights project (IRP). This is a project dedicated to expanding and enforcing the civil liberties and civil rights of non- citizens and to combat public and private discrimination against immigrants. For more than twenty years, the IRP has been at the forefront of almost every major legal struggle on behalf of immigrants' rights through class action lawsuits, law reform litigation, judicial rulings and legal advocacy. The key thing i noticed about this website that I did not about the previous one is that the IRP focuses on the constitution and Bill of rights that says that we are all equal. They believe the constitution applies to every person and should not be limited just to citizens. 

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