Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Integrity USA & LGBT Rights.

 Integrity USA is a website that works and aims for LGBT (Rights- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights.) to be allowed in an episcopal church, but on a broader scope, in general American society. LGBT are an organisation that work towards a discrimination free environment against sexual identity. The website is written by a group of reverends, vicars and other holy members of the episcopal church in the USA. One of their main focus points when looking at a first glance onto their homepage, and further, onto their 'about' page is the word "inclusion". They use this word in such statements as 'We pray that through our work the church will become a beacon of God's love and radical inclusion to the world around us.' The word 'inclusion' indicates this minority to be longing for acceptance, also linking to the words such as 'melting pot' and 'rainbow', which actually represents specifically LGBT rights as the rainbow represents them as a minority.

In terms of identity, specifically factors affecting identity, there are multiple factors within LGBT as they are representing themselves through sexuality and religion. This link may have been made as a united identity as religion plays a big factor not only in America (Christianity) but the acceptance of gay relationships/marriage.This identity looks beyond being an American, but looks more specifically at being accepted in Christianity, which in some ways is on a larger scale than Americas acceptance of minorities. They are no longer wanting to be considered a minority, hence the repetition of 'inclusion'. When looking at the LGBT Rights website, their slogan 'Because freedom can't protect itself' shows these people to be in fear of the identity, or lack of. Likewise, the implication of freedom being exposed to ridicule implies these groups of peoples feeling of lack of individuality and significance, in terms of their identity. It seems to be that, the rights of a non-conventional sexual identity goes beyond being accepted as an American, but as an individual, so they can be included as 'normal'.

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  1. Good, but be more specific - this a CHRISTIAN site advocating for LGBT rights. That puts it against many other Christian views?