Wednesday, 22 January 2014


The american project i have chosen to talk about is an internet powerpoint project on American Immigration policies. The project was constructed by a student at Moldova State University and has 30 slides about the immigration into migration.

The first topic that the slideshow talks about is key historic dates within U.S immigration history. These include the opening of Ellis Island in New York Harbor  in 1892 and the 1907 immigration act of 1907 which increased the stem flow of immigrants coming in from mexico and other bordering countries. The project then begins to talk about the negative policies reinforced by the United States Government, for example the 1917-1924 restrictions on immigrants into the United States which introduced the quota system and imposed passport requirements. Other restriction acts then followed and in 1952 the modern day immigration system was introduced, this included a more harsh quota system which limited people on a per-country basis.
The powerpoint also looks at immigration to the USA by decade via a bar chart and the projected US population growth if immigration laws in todays society were to not change. This chart shows that if immigration was to climb and continue rising within America today, by the year 2050 the American population will be at 400 million. Issues such as why people are not allowed into the country are also brought into this powerpoint. Statistics such as the USA's immigrant population and how many immigrants the states offers visas too each year is also shown. The project categorises immigrants into 5 different categories of background and why they immigrated. These are; Immediate relatives of United States citizens, Family sponsored immigration, Employment based immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers and Diversity immigrants. I think this project definitely shows immigrants to be moved well into America culture and society (Salad bowl effect).

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