Wednesday, 29 January 2014

For and Against US Immigration.


"The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is a national, nonprofit, public-interest, membership organisation of concerned citizens who share a common belief that our nation's immigration policies must be reformed to serve the national interest."

Founded in 1979, FAIR is an organisation in favour of more immigration control. One of it's advocates is "there should be no favouritism toward or discrimination against any person on the basis of race, colour, or creed; that all admissions of immigrants come within a single, stable ceiling which is periodically reviewed on the basis of reasoned, explicit population goals for the United States". It seems to show that although it wants to reduce immigration it is not being specific of what immigrants (just all) so it is not seen as racist. 

It features a fact page where maps are shown of population narrowed down by different types of immigrants even including foreign student enrolment. 

Overall this is a fairly normal and fair organisation for immigration reform, it is not extremist or racist. It mostly suggests more control over illegal immigration and minimal legal immigration. 


Comparing the sites together the most prominent feature in both is the donations. However this page seems to focus more on donations placing it in the centre of the page in bright colours and boxes. I think this takes a way the key issue which to this page is supposed to be Immigrant rights. It does feature newsletters and posts of recent events but the against immigration site is easier to access and get in contact/communicate with. A good thing it features is the "know your rights" section which would help immigrants if they are involved in a situation where these would be needed.

Overall the first site is more of an action organisation that likes to get things done (reform) and the second is more informative of rights, events and news then actually doing something.  

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