Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Today Books., 20/03/2006.

This review firstly acknowledges Jeannette's current job as a gossip columnist and this subject is focused on throughout the review. "In the opening pages of “The Glass Castle,” Walls recalls watching someone else do a little digging — her mother".

I think the intended idea of going forward and back to Walls' current life is to make the reader realise if they hadn't before, that this is a true story that can happen to anyone. It stresses that no matter what happened throughout her tough childhood, she became something and didn't let it control her. This can bring light to an emotional story attracting readers to share the experience with her.

This review is problematic as it mainly describes the novel instead of showing the positives and negatives of it. It also features too many of Walls' opinions and reactions of writing the book when there should be different peoples opinions or at least one opinion of a reader. Therefore it would be difficult to call this a 'Review' as there is no reviewing being done. This is a description of the book and a brief look into Walls' life, nothing more. 

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