Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The New York Times Review of The Glass Castle

With 'The Glass Castle' remaining at The New York Times Best Seller list for 261 weeks, its no wonder the reviews were raving and praising Walls work on the novel, calling it an "Outrageous Misfortune".

The article seems to highlight that its autobiographical and it is a memoir, therefore especially effective in terms of emotion on the reader as they say "Memoirs are our modern fairy tales". This true story makes it a truly shocking tragedy, according The New York Times.

While The New York Times praises 'The Glass Castle' for its succesful effective through the shockingly true story, it does not seem to offer much criticism. Moreover, after the first two paragraphs, it seems to give a brief summary/description of the novel, rather than critiquing it as a normal review would do. It praises Walls for her even being able to comprehend sorting through her emotions so much so that she could transform it into a novel, as the review says "while at the same time attempting to understand, forgive and even love".

It seems to offer a glimpse into the novel, rather than evaluating it through it strengths and weaknesses in order to convince a reader of this review whether 'The Glass Castle' should be read or not. However, the fact that is stayed in their Best Seller list for 261 weeks, in itself, is self explanatory in the novels raging success.

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