Tuesday, 4 March 2014

"Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends" - Gay Marriage Promotional Video

This video is not only a phenomenom on Youtube, but also Facebook. It has been made to appear like a spoof video, but instead of mocking gays, it mocks the hetrosexual man and their failings within a hetrosexual relationship.

These gay men, are saying that they have all the qualities a woman desires, even the sexual aspects. Therefore, if they cannot have same sex marriage, in other words gay marriage, then will continue to be gay, but marry 'your girlfriends'. However, this raises the question of the stereotype of men being flamboyant and women having a 'gay best friend'. For example, one man in the video says hits back at hetrosexual men saying 'you dont want to go to that broadway show? We do, we're in it.' Which indicates that stereotype of having only one gay identity, that by this open love of dancing, etc they can be easily identified as gay. This promotional video seems to be promoting only one particular gay man, the identity of a gay flamboyant man, which in retrospect, is not neccessarily the only gay identity.

However, the fact that the title of the video is that they will 'marry your girlfriends' indicates that there is a shift in power, that hetrosexual men should feel threatened by homosexual men. It seems to be that gay men are using women as there allies in order to support their view on allowing gay marriage, as women are mens weakeness, because it would be taking away hetrosexual mens' source of desire, pleasure and happiness. This in itself is interesting as it is reprsenting women as having the power over men, yet they have been considered the minority for centuries.

The rights of gay's have progressed in a lot of ways, but the idea of gay marriage being allowed legally is still a prominant issue in America. However, the idea of gay 's as individuals is seemed to be more accepted, as long as they just stay coupled and not legally, more importantly biblically, in wedlock. The biblical aspect of marriage is the most important reason as to the backlash on gay marriage, as gay's would not be considered aloud in the Bible, and as their is heavy Catholic influence in America, this is a massive fight for gay men across the country.

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