Wednesday, 26 March 2014

America's Digital Identities

The biggest factor of digital identity is social networking, alongside online purchasing, gaming, and many others.

This picture shows the main digital identities of, not only America, but globally. It seems, that America has set a trend for people around the world, the trend being, setting a heavy importance on social networking. When looking on Pew Research's findings, it shows that 90% of Americans that are aged 18-29 use social networking sites. There seems to be a phenomenon amongst the younger generation of socialising through text and images, no natural interaction. Moreover, social networking has impacted this generation so much so, that some feel social networking is a necessity to their lives. Therefore, other generations are feeling a need to incorporate the digital world into their communication, for example, education. In this modern age, it is now very common to receive work via email without even going to a lesson and just working independently away from a classroom. However, there is now conversations about having lectures via Skype, no longer the need for physical interaction or a learning environment, i think this idea gives a very clear image of what America's digital identity will be. Although, this data was collected in Septemeber 2013, so the percentages may have increased, and still be increasing.

When looking at the volume of people using social networking, and how people rely so much on the internet to carry out their daily tasks, it can be predicted that digital identity will become a necessity to Americans as there will no longer be any need for physical communication or interaction.


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