Monday, 10 March 2014

Ellen Degeneres

The video I have chosen is an interview on Ellen Degeneres' talk show between herself and John McCain. John McCain is a Republican presidential nominee and is the Senior United States Senator from Arizona. Being from the Deep South of America he is openly opposed to many gay rights within America. Ellen Degeneres is an openly lesbian woman who in this interview is discussing that she could legally get married to her partner of 5 years Portia De Rossi.
McCain is being asked questions about his thoughts towards Ellen marrying a woman and his response indicate that he is happy for people to enter into legal agreements with each other however he was raised in a household where men and woman were the norm to get married, not same sexes.When asked again on whether everyone should be equal and given the same rights he comments very lightly on the subject, again just saying that he "has a respectful disagreement with Ellen on her views".
McCain is also known for not wanting gays within the military and embracing the right-wing tactic of discriminating against the LGBT community for electoral gain within the south of the USA.

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