Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Covering Health Care, California- Anti- Obamacare


This website is a not exactly a lobbying website specifcally against 'Obamacare', but moreso, it focuses on the provisions that may need to be put in place due to the new acts that have been passed, specifically for Californians. They are calling it the 'California Resource Guide' - offering an insurance plan so people will not get hit with the extreme estimated costs from the 'Affordable Care Act'. You can purchase an insurance plan called 'Covered California' which assesses the individual on income to get the right amount of coverage desired.

Despite these changes and laws being passed in order to improve the healthcare, there are still huge costs for Americans, it seems that this is only one small step to the massive change that America needs. Henceforth, there is still a need to protect people from these new costs, that there is an even greater  necessity to have health insurance aka 'individual mandate'. It puts a greater pressure on Americans as they mat not even be able to afford the insurance, let alone be able to reep the benefits of being affected of the smaller costs of treatment with having health insurance. Until now, many Americans have just 'got by' without health insurance otherwise their living ability would be jeprodised, this is no longer an optiion anymore. Therefore, they will have to pay for health insurance, and may never have any medical treatment in their life, but still have to pay unecessary costs out for this insurance.

However, many Americans are opposed to Obamacare for the particular reason of the rise in taxes, which is considered a very european view on healthcare. It takes the view that you are looking after everyone else in the country, as well as yourself, which many Americans can't afford because of the amount they earn, or if they are possibly poverty stricken. This 'Covered California' insurance plan enables people to recieve tax credit, but only on this plan.

It is difficult to answer the question of sympathy to such a controversial topic, it is a question that cant be answered yes or no. There are many pro's and con's to this new Obamacare, however because payment still has made for healthcare, its just reduced, but taxes have increased it is hard to see the monumental improvements from this bill that America so desperately needs.

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  1. Agreeing with you Polly, it is difficult as this is not a complete improvement for americans. The issue of everyone legally having to have health insurance can cause many difficult situations with the poorer side of americans. Notably there is a section on the website dedicated to just Young Adults. The reform will effect them a lot if not most price wise as they will have to pay more for it to cover the elderly and already sick people. Younger people also known as the young invincible will not go to the doctors or need healthcare as much as others. However it can be argued that when they're older and get ill, paying into the system will help them later on in life when they need it. It is a European view of paying for everyone not just themselves, but nearly everyone will need healthcare at some point in their life so it will be like a domino effect. They may pay a lot now but when they're old, younger people will be paying for them, and so on. It will help older people now and older people later. It is a long term solution but people are only looking at it short term, which is where most of the criticisms are coming from.