Monday, 10 March 2014

Feminism (late): Feminists in Games

Gaming is a topic I had much interest in at one point, and perhaps what I remember the most about the discussions I participated in is the debates about feminism. Female representation in video games is a hot-button issue for young feminists, and this website proudly boasts about a convention that was held on June 2013, featuring a number of prominent figures including the ever-controversial Anita Sarkeesian (whom at one point received rape threats for attempting to do a youtube series on women in video games). The site design also includes an iconic classic console controller, while the current header image is of the last workshop featuring predominantly women - a subtle (or perhaps not so subtle) link. "About FiG" reveals an academic tone rather than the more immediate language you would expect from a site affiliated with video games, and the target is said to be "Creating knowledge transfer between academy and industry in the form of a web 2.0 interactive database for gender-focused research for the games industry." This, then, is no social justice blog but an intellectual research organisation dedicated to increasing female representation in video games, perhaps indicating that this is a bigger issue to feminism than you would think.

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