Thursday, 13 February 2014

Rosebud Sioux

This is the website for the Rosebud Sioux tribe, who have a reservation in South Dakota named the Rosebud Indian Reservation. It contains over 20,000 people and a casino just north of the border with Nebraska, powered by wind turbines.

The website is presented very professionally and cleanly, making sure to look modern rather than evoking traditional native American imagery. The first image seen as the website loads is one advertising enrollment, indicating that their first priority is more people coming forward as blood members of the tribe and accepting their cultural heritage. The headlines underneath this image indicate that tourism is also given a high priority. Environmental concerns are also immediately evident, however - "STOP THE KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE!" is another headline. Tabs at the top prioritise the members of the tribe, with announcements, employment opportunities and information on the tribal government being available. Scrolling down reveals a weather report and a local news wall. This, then, is a practical website aimed at modern members of the tribe rather than clinging to tradition.

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