Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Mormons: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

The website representing the organisation of Mormons, who preferred to be known formally as the 'Latter Day Saints'. They worship in Mormon temples and have an emphasis on the Mormon family and togetherness. They make frequent references to God, The Bible and its teachings, as thery are referenced throughout the informative 'About Us' page.

There is a section of the page which is particularly interesting; 'Meet Mormons' so you can narrow your search to find a mormon specifically suited to you in terms of your gender, ethnicity and age. The fact that the Mormon faith isnt defined as one particular race could make them a more appealing religion in the fact that they are more accepting of minorities in terms of race. As apposed to, for example, the Catholic faith, there have been disputes between the black and white ethinicities as to who is accepted in the faith. There is even a 'Hispanic and Latino' section, proving that they make themselves appear to be accepting of all newcomers to the religion, including minorites, some of which are criticised heavily for immigration accusations and not being a 'true american'.

There seems to be less of a signifiance of being an American mormon as their identity, but rather just a mormon, so including many different ethnic backgrounds. This could be seen as the Mormon faith trying to obtain more power as a religion worldwide as well as America.

An American feature of the Mormon faith, is the events and many destination points they have, such as temples, family history centres, meeting houses. This level of destination points holds a heavy emphasis on the religion and how it can really influence a persons life , even by their day to day activities, which is a real representation of American ideology of having a loyalty to God in terms of worship.

The site offers information on anything and everything about the Mormon faith, including its history and how it was founded. This is to allow future Mormon believes to join them or convert to the faith as they would like to grow their faith not only in America, but worldwide.


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