Tuesday, 25 February 2014

NOW- National Organisation for Women

Betty Friedan was the Co-Founder of NOW and it was founded in 1966. Friedan was one of the first women to have a backlash to the recent adverts of the time which promoted domesticated products such as the washing machine and the fridge, in order for there to be lesser chores for women to do in the kitchen. However, it still promoted this idea of women being domestic and belonging in the kitchen with little important responsibility. Friedan spoke out to this saying this is not the only identity of women, not all women should have to be domestic, and it doesn’t give scope for other types of women. She went on to lead women’s protests in San Francisco and many other cities. Friedan is a representation of what is known as 'Second Wave' feminism, which meant women breaking out of the constraints of being a domestic housewife and having practical/office jobs and just having an inclusion within the workforce. In other words, trying to say that women could do the jobs that were primarily for men just as successfully as men.

The NOW website offers many pages, such as recent events/campaigns, blogs, 'hot topics' and donation information. One particulary interesting feature was the blog 'Say it sister!' evoking this idea of sisterhood aned that women have a 'special connection'. The blog really unifies women and their right for equality,  but takes into account the varities of female identities such as lesbians, repoductive rights, body image, career driven women. It represents 'Third Wave' feminism in the fact that it includes the problems of women within all aspects of life, including politics and business world and then right for women to make their own  decisions on their life.

The events and campaigns they are holding seem to tacle the current issues of todays society within feminism, such as body image and marriage equality. Body image is a big issue in the fact that there is a lot of pressure for women, particularly young girls, to be a size 0. This is largely due to the media attention to size 0 celebrties and models. The campaign encourages women to speak up about their body issues and images, this is in order for them to not feel repressed by their body image and feel they have to have a certain image. Again, trying to encourage scope for more identities and the freedom of choice in image, not confined to stereotypes.

'Hot Topics' is an interesting page in that it presents the current news within feminism, but seems to present primarily political issues. For example, 'Urge Senate to pass Military Justice Improvement Act!' and 'NOW Comments on President Obama's State of the Union Address: A Step in the Right Direction, But We Can Do More'. The 'Hot Topics' looks at political issues of feminism in order to try improve feminism on a large scale, trying to make monumental progression for womens rights.



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