Thursday, 20 February 2014

American Athiest

Being an atheist means that you lack in the belief of the existence of god. Some parts of America if you become an atheist you are automatically disowned and looked upon as a traitor. Being a Christian is a big part of being American so becoming an atheist is like changing your identity. American Atheist has been fighting for the rights of civil liberty since 1960s. But since the 50th year of fighting for their rights the atheist group had decided to work to separate the church from state. This particular website is help promote and to fight for their cause, there is a lot of information in the about point of the website. It allows you to see what the American atheist aims and purpose of their group, it also gives the audience a chance to not only become a member but they have the chance to donate to help fund the organisation. The entire site is very pack full of information, it gives information about the law suit and the company which allows the audience to look around the atheist case in hopes that they will convert and join their fight for their cause. But the American atheist is not only a faith it is also a site about collecting money the site allows the audience to buy merchandise like an American atheist rhinestone pin. So the faith has come a long way from 1963. The site began when the founder of American Atheist filed a suit against her son’s school for harassing her son just because he refused to attend the bible readings. This relates back to what I said athiest’s been looking upon as traitors. There is a lot of news of the website which allows to show what’s happening, about the different press releases that were released on to the website allowing the audience and members of the website to keep up to date with the news.

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