Thursday, 13 February 2014

Naragansett Indian Tribe

Naragansett Indian Tribe

The Naragansett Indian tribe are the descendants of the aboriginal of the state of Rhode Island. The history of this tribe are shown with drawings on rocks.  This relates to the picture of the native American on the rocks on the home page.  The tribe’s existence is estimated to be over 30,000 years ago.  The members of this particular tribe were thought to be soldiers. The current population of the tribe stand at approximately 2400 members.  Majority of the members of this tribe today still live in Rhode island but some have expanded and live in other parts of the states.

There are lots of different things located on this site. But the most interesting part of it is the layout of the home page. Just clicking on the homepage you are able to see different types of images each with a little description of what they are. All being native American related the most interesting image was the last image, it is a stereotype of a native American drawn into rocks. This was the most interesting because it wasn’t a building it was showing off someones art and could be very appealing to the audience’s eyes.  When you click on to the history tab there is a multiple choice of what to be given which allows the audience to be able to explore there history and culture in different ways. They are able to broaden what they can find out about the native’s and could possible learn new things about the culture of the people that live on the land they call there’s.


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