Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Overview of Push Presentation

The issues I will be discussing and exploring in my presentation today are;
The need for white physical appearance and identity.
The use of derogatory language to describe white AND black people.
The epidemics of AIDS & Cocaine.
The significance of 'The Colour Purple' and Farrakhan in relation to Precious' understanding of her cultural history.
The identity of the combining factors; being black AND female.

The questions I will ask will be;

·        When knowing before reading, it was going to be a novel about a poor black girl and the community she lives in- did it meet your expectations in terms of the way it was written and described as a story? Did it meet your expectations of the emotional impact it would have on you?

·        Do you think it is good or bad that Precious doesn’t seem to pay much attention to her history of being black and just focuses on herself?

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