Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Problem with women today.

I have chosen this blog as it explores women as issues specifically American rather then women's contemporary issues. Although I have gone slightly off task I think this is interesting and would be good to discuss and look at. In a way it is a contemporary issue women face and it criticises them and their feminism acts.

The main points being said are that the average american woman is a walking STD, is only alive to create children, and that their idea of work is reading magazines all day and being praised for just being a woman.

"Today’s modern female is also shrill, confrontational, and constantly complaining.They are petty tyrant micro managers with no accountability but always criticising and blaming everyone around them"

This persons arguments against feminism are that it has destroyed society and lives. That it has still made women miserable and it is brainwashing them. The only real valid point in this whole thing is that he acknowledges that Feminism isn't just a thing of the past. "To say that feminism ended in the 60's is like saying drug use ended in the 60's! It became mainstream and is now all around you, destroying every facet of our lives and society."

He states that feminism has made women into the apparent laughable stock that they are today "today's American woman is nothing but laughable. This is what happens to human beings when they are no longer held to any standards or accountability."

This is just mostly clear discrimination against women, which is still a big issue in contemporary America as well as other countries. This can be seen on other blogs and social media. Men and sometimes other women judge women on their appearance, lifestyles and careers and broadcast their views upon this. There are constant debates about Feminism and it still being seen as just man hating. Some media does not help with this view point as some outlets only show images and stories that back up this view of all feminists being radical in their actions. I have seen this personally just through Tumblr and Facebook and news websites. 

However this blog is just an extreme view against feminism and women combined and is just one persons opinion with only 26 members following this, and it is doubtful that all 26 agree. 

"In the end, all Feminism and it's never ending new laws did was just make women accountable to no one, not to employers, not to their family or husbands, or even to the legal system.. creating these mentally ill, drunken, abortion-happy, venereally diseased feral-cat like sub-human things we are subjected to today."

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